Innocence Sold Film

Innocence Sold Film

  • January 14, 2018


VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Content is not suitable for all ages, recommend 12+ years. This video is intended for training purposes. It features subject manner and content that brings awareness to the reality of human sex-trafficking. If you would like more information about our training program, please see the training tab on our website or contact us today.

APPLETON, WI – INNOCENCE SOLD features three short films: the story of Sabrina, a high-school student lured into sex trafficking; her trafficker, Matt; and her friend, Andrea. Filmed in the Fox Valley, WI area to educate young people about the dangers of sex trafficking.

5-stones original film project, “INNOCENCE SOLD  was produced by Catherine Tatge of Global Village Media, in association with Rustic Media. Catherine Tatge is a former professor of film production at Lawrence University and the co-creator of the Civic Life Project.

Since the completion of the film, 5-stones has held several community film screenings, presented the training material together with the film to numerous schools and community organizations.

You can download and preview 5-stones training material in the TRAINING section of our website.

Requests for training and presentations to your school or organization by a member of the 5-stones team can be made by FILLING OUT THIS FORM. Once we receive the completed form we will contact you. Films/Training material are available at NO COST.

INNOCENCE SOLD was funded by “A General Grant from United Way, Fox Cities which is made possible through the generous support of community donors” and Anonymous Donors.

5-stones’ hope is that through the films you are able to gain a better understanding of Human Sex Trafficking. If you are a victim or suspect sex trafficking, please seek additional help.




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Hours of operation: 3:00pm -11:00pm EST

Text HELP to 233733 (BEFREE): To get help for victims and survivors of human trafficking or to connect with local services. See Polaris Project for additional resources.

5-stones is a non-profit established for the purpose of raising awareness about the magnitude of sex trafficking in Wisconsin.  We are invested in educating communities to:

INCREASE awareness of human trafficking

DECREASE the demand for commercial sex

PREVENT victimization

NETWORK with other organizations which fight against human trafficking