A non-profit established for the purpose of raising awareness about the magnitude of sex trafficking in Wisconsin.  We are invested in educating communities to:


  • INCREASE awareness of human trafficking
  • DECREASE the demand for commercial sex
  • PREVENT victimization
  • NETWORK with other organizations which fight against human trafficking



  • Awareness:  educate the general public’s understanding of human trafficking through various speaking and community events.
  • Education:  end demand by teaching our community the real truth behind the commercial sex industry.
  • Preventionprovide events and educational opportunities within the community that bring awareness and leads to prevention.
  • Networking bring together local partners who give hope to victims and survivors.
  • Collaborationwork together with local and state agencies and organizations that fight against human trafficking.


“You may choose to look the other way

BUT you can never say again that you did not know.” 

-William Wilberforce

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