A Flight Attendant and Human Trafficking

  Here is an opinion article by Heather Poole that was originally featured on mashable.com on January 12th, 2016. There is

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Hospitality Industry Training Employees on Human Trafficking

Today’s hospitality industry is working to train their frontline employees to spot Human Trafficking. Brown County is assisting hotels to learn

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Innocence Sold Film Screening

5-Stones invites you to a second screening of the film Innocence Sold.   Below are a few testimonials about our training

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FVTC Sex Trafficking Awareness Week

Please attend the following events to bring an awareness to the dangers/realities of sex trafficking in our community. Presentation of

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Human and Sex Trafficking in MY Community

APPLETON - You may have heard some things about human or sex trafficking, but what do you really know? ...

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The giant of sex trafficking can seem like a hopeless task to take down. But just as David only used one stone to take the down the giant we can have hope that any effort we make, big or small, it can make a difference...

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