PROGRAMS & Partnerships


Advocacy Program

An advocacy program is in the development process by a team of community resource representatives from law enforcement, corrections, social service groups (sexual abuse/assault, domestic violence, youth, etc), and 5-Stones. This program will first, offer the option of help and freedom to those arrested who are trafficked, and second, unite community resources to offer the best help for these individuals escaping the lifestyle.

Speaking Events & Community Education

Educational Presentations: we can provide educational sessions and handouts for your school or community group, at your location.

Service Provider Training

We offer training to police officers, health care professionals, counselors and others directly involved in assisting victims of sex trafficking.

Free School Curriculum (Artist as Social Activist – Human Trafficking Unit) – Youth Activism Through Art: a program for high school students who express social activism through artwork

>>View artwork from past students of this program HERE


We offer a one-day “Awareness and Information for Men” course for convicted johns. First-time offenders will be offered this opportunity only once. This one-day diversion program educates participants on the impact of sex trafficking on victims and offenders Its “AIM” is to offer the education and resources needed to prevent future re-offense.

This  program is designed to educate men on the damaging impact their decision to purchase another individual has on everyone – the trafficked persons, themselves, their loved ones, the criminal justice system, and the entire community

The goal is to challenge offenders to understand why they make these choices and to dispel any myths about the “profession” of prostitution.  The hope is that this will result in change and growth, and prevent future re-offense.

Dedicated professionals and law enforcement officials in the community donate their time and expertise, offering hope and change to men through greater understanding of their sexual and addictive issues. Community resources are offered as ongoing aids in their personal growth and family healing.

Monies taken in to attend this program, after covering nominal costs, are put into a fund to aid and assist sex trafficked individuals in our community.



We collaborate with the following organizations:

Teen Community Crisis Response – Teen CCR – sponsored out of Christine Ann Center, Oshkosh
FCCC – Fox Cities Community Coalition
SACC – Sexual Assault Crisis Center, Appleton
Reach Counseling Services
Appleton Police Department
Outagamie County District Attorney’s Office
Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office
Department of Corrections
LCWR – Leadership Council of Women Religious
Harbor House Domestic Abuse Center
Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services
Fox Cities VCR Program
Local Churches
League of Women Voters
Lawrence University Communications/Media
Fox Valley Technical College
University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Convergence Resources – Milwaukee
Inner Beauty Center – Milwaukee
Exploit No More – Milwaukee

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