We can provide educational sessions and handouts for your school, church, or community group. Additionally, we offer training to police officers, health care professionals, counselors and others directly involved in assisting victims of sex trafficking. Please inquire for more information by contacting us here. You can download the following material by clicking on the icons. Learn more about our training film “INNOCENCE SOLD” here.

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Schools, Agencies, Churches, and other Organizations

Additional training materials such as accompanying videos and training survey can be provided. Please fill out this form to request the additional training material. After we receive your request, we will give you access to view the Google Drive™ folder as soon as possible. Thank you!



Training Material and Video Testimonials

These videos have helped me to understand sex trafficking through the different lenses of the victim, friend and perpetrator.  The videos and discussion prompter’s serves as a stimulation to challenge our youth to think about their responses, options and next steps should they encounter a similar situation or know of someone in the situation.  These videos and activities have the potential to change someone’s future.

MaiKou, School Administrator

Sadly, law enforcement across the Fox Cities has seen firsthand how the scenarios presented in “Innocence Sold” reflect the serious and hidden problem of sex trafficking in our communities. As such, the series represents a powerful tool in raising awareness of this issue and protecting our children.

Greg Peterson, Chief of Police Grand Chute Police Department

In viewing “Innocence Sold”, I as a mom and social worker, think that the film reaches both parents and teens at a level that helps us to understand the severity of the problem in our communities today. It is a must see for all parents and teens-

Diane, parent and social worker

“The series Innocence Sold is an excellent educational tool to promote awareness and discussion about sex trafficking. I believe most kids have no idea what sex trafficking is, and don’t know when they are being groomed into a sex trafficking situation. The Innocence Sold series provides kids with valuable information to understand the problem and to recognize the signs of sex trafficking.”

Detective Scott Callaway, Grand Chute Police Department

 “The importance of educating youth on this prominent topic is critical. “Innocence Sold” does just that.”

Helen, Sexual Abuse Prevention Specialist

I found this film to be impactful in the fact that it allowed me to see how people can fall into this type of life situation.  It was a powerful film that helped me understand there are people out there to help no matter what situation I am in.

Nicole, Student – Senior High School

“These realistic depictions of multiple perspectives of people impacted/involved with sex trafficking give clear examples teens can identify in order to be empowered to take action and hopefully prevent or interrupt this from happening to their friends/peers. Awareness is a big step in the process of empowerment.”

Chris, Superintendent


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